Features and Benefits

Man Working

Quantim was developed with long standing clients to employ a wide range of features needed to keep on top of projects:

  • Cloud Based web application
    • Access quantim anywhere through your web browser
  • Azure security
    • Our Microsoft Azure servers offer top performance and security
  • Easy, paper free timesheets
    • Quantim makes entering time as easy as picking a job, date and activity.
  • Monitor Work in Progress
    • Our WIP module and custom reports will allow you to keep an eye on the progress of jobs
  • Compare time costs
    • Use Quantim's reporting system to keep track of speculative and non-chargeable works
  • Provide accurate costing and cost projections for jobs
    • Use our reporting system to accurately monitor staff costs and job budgets
  • Custom Staff Rates
    • Apply custom rates to specific jobs based on staff members, dates, roles or activities
  • Fee Monitoring
    • Monitor costs against fees, highlighting fee recovery rates, profitability and total staff costs reporting system
  • Accurately monitor Actual vs Estimated Hours
    • Quantim’s resourcing tool allows you to resource estimated hours on a per staff or per role basis costing in real-time
  • Control Time Flow
    • Use our resourcing tool to lock and unlock activities; allowing project managers to control project time and ensure accurate costs and budgeting
  • Full Customer Relationship Management module
    • Keep track of potential clients, sales outcomes and customer information using our CRM module